Ebert Silva Foundation

Ebert Silva Foundation continues our Founder Ebert Silva’s vision and values inspired by his visionary father, Nomis de Silva. Ebert Silva Foundation builds upon the dreams of these great philanthropists and sons of Lanka to help assist communities and empower individuals to build better futures. Ebert Silva Foundation renders charitable and benevolent services to relieve the suffering, the distressed and to uplift the poor and distraught individuals and groups in our communities. Providing for medical and health related camps and conducting awareness programs on diseases and helping men and women rise above poverty and helplessness are all part of the Foundation’s Charter.
As the charitable arm of Ebert Silva Holidays, Ebert Silva Foundation strongly believes that children are our future. Therefore, investing in them and inspiring, motivating and encouraging the young, gives us the opportunity to positively contribute towards making the world a better place. Contributing towards the wellbeing and advancement of children is made by providing assistance in access to books, equipment, grants and scholarships, among others. These we believe will help inspire, encourage and empower the future generations enabling them to positively contribute to their communities in the future.