Inbound Travels

Wildlife Tours

“This is the Best Safari Destination outside Africa” – Forbes (2019)

Our tour packages to explore Sri Lanka’s unique biodiversity include amazing insights into the wild as their highlights. Whilst traversing the island these tours will also help you discover Sri Lanka’s rich heritage and nature. For those ardent wildlife enthusiasts we offer to showcase Sri Lanka’s ‘Big Five’; the Blue Whale, the Sperm Whale, the mysterious Sri Lankan Leopard, the Asian Elephant and the Sloth Bear in our exclusive wild life tour ‘Island’s Big Five’.

We wait to give you a spectacular holiday with wildlife and nature, in luxury accommodation or that closer to the wild, according to your preferences. These carefully crafted experiences include unforgettable safaris and memorable trails, giving you the perfect experience in the wild!

Heritage & Culture Tours

Our Heritage & Culture Tours are carefully crafted to give you the best insight into the saga behind the grand and majestic edifices that stand testament to the stupendous history of the proud island nation of Sri Lanka. Unfolding from as far back as the 3rd century BC, the six out of the eight UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka with its extensive ruins of colossal magnitude, engineering perfection, splendid architecture and refined arts and crafts are sure to give you an amazing experience.

As the pioneers in the industry Ebert Silva Holidays is delighted to guide you through this serendipitous journey also giving you a glimpse into the endless diversity, tropical landscapes, amazing wildlife, enchanting sounds and authentic flavors, all fused into one unforgettable discovery.

Golden Beaches

The sun, sand and surf are among some of the best experiences Sri Lanka has on offer to the world. Ebert Silva Holidays in the carefully designed Golden Beach packages give you an opportunity to experience the island’s stunning beaches which are renowned the world over. Come, let us make your dream vacation a reality. These delightful tours will also give you glimpses into the island’s splendid history and heritage. It will enable you to discover Sri Lanka’s unique wildlife and rich biodiversity with some awe-inspiring moments of watching whales and dolphins frolicking on the waves of the Indian Ocean. We will be happy to customize these tours according to your preferences and give you a most memorable beach holiday of a lifetime

Blissful Honeymoons

Enjoy the most memorable honeymoon in Sri Lanka with our carefully designed honeymoon tour packages. Get lost in what the magical island of Sri Lanka has to offer, enjoy the sea and relax on the golden beaches. Hide in the wilderness and walk through thousands of years of heritage and history. Rest and relax with an authentic Sri Lankan spa treatment or Ayurveda care. Be close to nature; let the starry nights engulf you whilst enjoying the solitude of only each other’s company. Relish idyllic long walks or the excitement of adventure and witness the most unforgettable sunrises and sunsets together.

We will be happy to personalize your tour and make your dream honeymoon vacation come true. Let us help you celebrate and remember your love in paradise.

Authentic Sri Lanka

As a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s travel and tourism, Ebert Silva Holidays is well aware of the hidden wonders and the marvels across the length and breadth of this resplendent Isle, the best. Throughout centuries the island amazed and fascinated the world and was known by many names such as Ratnadeepa, Thambapanni, Taprobana, Serendib, Seylan, and Ceylon among others. With our signature tours ‘Authentic Sri Lanka’, we give you the best of Sri Lanka. Incredible insights into its remarkable history, unique wildlife, spectacular sceneries and thrilling adventure all rolled into one serendipitous discovery which will give you a vacation of a lifetime.

Come to us to make your dream holiday a reality.